• March 5, 2018

St. Patrick Catholic High School students, staff and families traveled to Jackson, Miss., for the 2018 Mississippi Bar Mock Trial Competition held Friday, March 2, and Saturday, March 3.

Although the SPCHS Mock Trial Team did not place in the Competition, several members walked away with individual awards, including:

  • Stephen Azar, who placed fifth in the state overall for Most Effective Attorney!
  • Round 1: Hayden Miller was selected as Most Effective Witness and Jacob Fennell was selected as Most Effective Attorney.
  • Round 2: Max Grill was selected as Most Effective Witness and Jacob Fennell was again selected as Most Effective Attorney.
  • Round 3: The Most Effective Witness was Matthew Bisner and the Most Effective Attorney was again Jacob Fennell.
  • Round 4: Chloe Rizk was voted Most Effective Attorney and Max Grill was selected as Most Effective Witness.

Congratulations to these hard-working and dedicated students!

On the team’s capabilities, Sponsor Orin Eleuterius said, “This is one of the best Mock Trial teams we have had at SPCHS. All of the students on the team worked very hard and their effort put them in the top at regionals and we certainly were near the top at state. However, we were up against some great teams in the state finals, but our team had a stellar effort at the state finals. A good part of our team’s success has been the excellent coaching of Judge Jennifer Schloegel and Ms. Dee Dee Colson. Their coaching and expertise certainly gave our team the competitive edge.”

Case synopsis:

A local loan shark has been killed by one of his customers. The alleged guilt of the customer has been established by the prosecution by ballistic tests, blood samples, fingerprints and an eye witness. However, all of this evidence has called into question by the defense due to faulty investigative police work. This trial thus revolves around whether this evidence is accepted by the jury as reliable or rejected by the jury as unreliable because of mistakes made by law enforcement doing the investigative phase of the murder.