2020-21 Student Council Class Officer Election Results

Each year the members of the various classes vote for their class leadership for student council.  Rising eight through twelfth grade students are elected in the spring with rising seventh grade students electing their class leadership when they arrive on campus in the fall. These students below won their respective elections and will begin their term this fall. The student council is sponsored by Lauren Williams and is responsible for many of the events we hold each year at St. Patrick. The work these students put in is immeasurable.

The application for student council class representatives will be available in Canvas tomorrow.

Congratulations to our 2020-21 class officers:

Class of 2021
President – Gabriela Quintana
Vice President – Ella Sharp
Secretary – James Edwards
Treasurer – Jadon Turner

Class of 2022
President – C.C. Ware
Vice President – Laney Barton
Secretary – Dominic Patino
Treasurer – Annalyn Fayard

Class of 2023
President – Juliana Sabagh
Vice President – London Lafferty
Secretary – Olivia Williams
Treasurer – Katherine Oropesa

Class of 2024
President – Emily Moran
Vice President – Isabella Patino
Secretary – Addison Fountain
Treasurer – Taylor Jernigan

Class of 2025
President – Amelia Kate Young
Vice President – Gabriela Busching
Secretary – Abigail Futch
Treasurer – Reece Catchot