2021 Mississippi Regional Science & Engineering Fair Results

St. Patrick Catholic High School science classes presented their own research projects through data collection and analysis.  Many students entered their projects into the South Mississippi Regional Science & Engineering Fair hosted by the University of Southern Mississippi.  Students presented videos, powerpoints, and their posters through Virtual Judging.  St. Patrick received the following awards during the Mississippi Regional Science & Engineering Fair in March 2021


Class 4 (9th & 10th Grades)

Kadence Sheppard            1st Place        Behavioral & Social Sciences

Taylor Fayard &

Mackenzie Mullen            2nd Place        Behavioral & Social Sciences


Allee Bennett

Brooklyn Mitchell            1st Place        Biochemistry


Liana Segarra                1st Place        Biomedical & Health Science


Madelynn Holder            1st Place        Organic Chemistry


Hailey Necaise &

Isabel Patino                1st Place        Animal Sciences


Jade Agler                       1st Place        Microbiology

Emily Moran                2nd Place        Microbiology

Gabrielle Rizk               3rd Place        Microbiology


Kaitlyn Mandal            1st Place        Physics

Carson Kilpatrick &

Chloe Santiago            2nd Place        Physics


Emerson Morris            1st Place        Environmental Sciences


Landon Baxter &

Jackson Davis                2nd Place        Engineering & Mechanics


Taylor Jernigan            1st Place        Plant Sciences


Class 5 (11 & 12th Grades)

Caston Mestayer &

Dominic Patino            1st Place         Behavioral & Social Sciences


Gavriella Persing            2nd Place        Biomedical & Health Sciences


Grace Belk &

Anthony Mattina            1st Place        Engineering


Annalyn Fayard            2nd Place        Microbiology


Isaiah Jefferson            1st Place        Physics


Scarlet Nation,

Josh Gautier &

Anthony Nguyen            1st Place        Mechanics


Gavriella Persing &

William Reid                1st Place        Environmental Sciences



St. Patrick Catholic High School is a faith-based, college preparatory high school in Biloxi, Mississippi. Established in 2007, St. Patrick strives each day to Educate Scholars, Train Disciples, and Support Champions. St. Patrick is proud to report a 100% college matriculation rate, ACT and SAT scores that far exceed the state and national averages, and a rich history of Catholic education founded in the traditional roots of our legacy schools of St. John High School, Mercy Cross High School, Notre Dame High School, and Sacred Heart Academy. In 2019, St. Patrick was named a Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education.