2022 Who’s Who Announced

Congratulations to this year’s Who’s Who for the St. Patrick class of 2022. Who’s Who is based off of St. Patricks three pillars; Scholars, Disciples and Champions. Mr. and Miss SPCHS are two students who exemplify all three pillars.

Mr. SPCHS: Anthony Mattina

Miss SPCHS: Anna Grace Young


  • Grace Belk
  • Avery Culbertson
  • Morgan Culbertson
  • Scarlet Nation


  • Annalyn Fayard
  • Megan Marie
  • Dominic Patino
  • Olivia Seymour


  • Thomas Biggs
  • Nicholas Krass
  • Jasmyn Strobridge
  • Jameson Thriffiley