Publicity Class learns more about photography and videography during workshop

Last Friday, September 28, the publicity classes met in the auditorium for a photography workshop! The workshop was led by Fred Salinas and Eddie Robinson. Fred has been in the photography business for over six years and specializes in music, events, and food. Eddie Robinson also has a lot of experience in the photography business, specializing in portraits, weddings and special events.

Fred discussed the exposure triangle, which includes aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. He discussed the importance of having the best lighting and how that will affect the overall picture. Eddie had a great presentation on lighting and composition. There are many different guidelines for lighting and 10 guidelines for composition. He discussed the “depth of field” and how that with the backlighting can improve the picture. Both Fred and Eddie emphasized the importance of the exposure triangle!

Jesse, a publicity student, explained, “It was a very informative experience and was completely worth my time. I learned an incredible amount about my own camera and its functions. I didn’t realize how much my camera could do and its capabilities are far beyond what I expected or knew. It was interesting to see how easy going the photographers were and they answered our questions thoroughly. I can’t wait to put what I learned into practice and it’s nice to know that I can contact accomplished photographers with any questions I have.”

Both Fred and Eddie suggested taking the camera out of automatic and “playing around with it.” They left the publicity students with a challenge: “Take your camera out of automatic and take the best photos imaginable.”

Photos from the presentation can be viewed here.

Story by Teal Salloum