Students and staff participate in Living Rosary during Catholic Schools Week

On Tuesday, January 29, St. Patrick Catholic High School held a school-wide Living Rosary in the gym for Catholic Schools Week.

For Catholic Schools Week, each day includes a different activity. On Monday, the annual student vs. teachers dodgeball game took place. On Tuesday, there was a Living Rosary. On Wednesday, there was a really special adoration and worship service held in the gym. On Thursday, the ring mass for the Class of 2020 was held in the gym. On Friday, all students were able to watch Wonder for movie day. 

The Living Rosary was really enlightening and special to all the students. It was empowering for the entire school to come together and do it. There is one person for each bead of the rosary, and the rest of the school sat in the bleachers. The Living Rosary was first celebrated on December 8, 1826, by Venerable Pauline-Marie Jaricot in Lyon, France, who created an association for it. The Living Rosary is celebrated all throughout the world and continues to help people grow in faith every day.

“I love praying the Rosary, especially when our whole school joins together and we do it in unison. The Living Rosary is really powerful and holy to me.” – SPCHS Student Lauren Dossett

Photos from the event can be viewed here.

Story by Gracie Davenport