5th Grade Day

On Wednesday, November 8, the 5th graders from St. Patrick High School’s feeder elementary schools came to the school to get to know what life at St. Patrick is like.

The day was filled with many fun activities that helped bring in all the clubs, sports, and events that St. Patrick has to offer.  The Campus Ministry Team, led the 5th graders in the activities and then gave them a tour of the school.

To start the day the team introduced themselves. Then, Cara, Kendall, Connor, Austin, Alfonso, Will, Noah, and Lauren led prayer, and after prayer Mr. Buckley spoke a few words to get the 5th graders pumped up for the day.

The 5th graders had the chance to listen to the 7th grade class officers, who spoke about their first year at St. Patrick.  This was followed, by the displaying of the robot and Alfonso talked about all the clubs that 7th graders can be in.  Then, there was a sports-themed ships & sailors, to tie in all the sports that we have at St. Patrick.  There was also a freeze dance competition, where the 5th graders were able to show off their dance moves.  The day came to a close when the 5th graders were able to see the different parts of campus and even visit some of the classrooms.


Story by Cara Pisciotta