A letter to the Class of 2019 about Ring Mass, from a senior

Dear Class of 2019,

On Thursday, February 1, our school gathered together and celebrated your Ring Mass in the gym. As a member of the senior class, my own Ring Mass was not too long ago; it honestly seems as if it happened just recently. I recall receiving my class ring and thinking, “Wow, I’m really almost a senior.” I remember several moments of emotion, which I observed this Thursday each time a senior presented a ring to his or her sibling, as well as various moments of laughter, which I witnessed when Ryan Hymel energetically chest-bumped Holden Hewes. For a class as dedicated and accomplished as yours, you guys could not have asked for a better Mass either! Any mass that Father Colten Symmes celebrates is guaranteed to be remarkable, after all.
As you guys approach the end of your road, as you guys near senior year, just remember to take in your surroundings every once in awhile and recognize how lucky you are to attend a Catholic school. Not many students have the opportunity to attend a school surrounded by people with a mutual connection to Christ like we do, and we tend to inadvertently take that for granted. I think my awe towards that shared connection is why Junior Ring Mass has always been one of my favorite events. Not only do we profess our relationships with Christ at Mass, but we also express our relationships with one another as we pass on rings and embrace each other before the Altar. I hope that your rings serve as a reminder of both of these relationships because, after all, we cannot truly love Christ until we love others, and we cannot truly love others until we love Christ.
I wish you all continued success as you near the commencement of your senior year, and I ask each of you to send your prayers towards the Class of 2018 as we near the completion of our senior year.

Yours in Christ,
A Member of the Class of 2018

Written by Elizabeth Van Horn