Catholic education: a student’s perspective during Catholic Schools Week

My years at St. Patrick have easily been the best of my life. I cannot remember a time when God has been more present in my life, when my faith has been stronger, or when I’ve felt more included and involved. Although I have no experience elsewhere, I can say this – after spending grades seven through twelve at St. Patrick, I feel extremely well-prepared for college, adult life, and any instances in which my faith may be challenged.

I can remember coming to St. Patrick on the first day of seventh-grade, feeling nervous and not knowing what to expect. However, as it continues to do so today, the school’s welcoming community eased my fears. From day one, I was a member of the Fighting Irish family. I know that we (students, faculty, and staff) have maintained this community, and it is what makes St. Patrick unique. Like I tell each tour group I take around campus, seventh-graders cross paths with twelfth-graders every day. It’s a close-knit family of Christian, Catholic people who want nothing but the best for one another.

The education I’ve received at St. Patrick has been outstanding. The teachers were never looking for a way to confuse me or trip me up – they wanted and helped me to succeed. I have taken numerous rigorous courses and six of the seven available Advanced Placement ones, including mathematics, English language, English literature, sciences, histories, two years of foreign language, and, most importantly, six years of religious studies. The daily religious education combined with weekly mass/adoration have enhanced my knowledge of Catholic doctrine and grown my relationship with God, both for which I am most thankful.

I cannot thank the teachers, administration, and students of St. Patrick enough for the incredible times and memories. What I’ve learned here goes beyond the classroom, and I truly believe that St. Patrick is like no other high school.


-Richard Springer

Richard Springer