Aisling Arts and Literary Magazine staff hard at work to produce Adventure

The staff of the Aisling arts and literary magazine are hard at work this year with producing the October edition, with the theme of Adventure. Adventure is a fitting title for this month’s issue because it is the first issue being published since the beginning of the school year. Students were encouraged to submit entries chronicling their adventures over the summer as well as throughout the rest of their lives.

One characteristic that all members of the Aisling staff have is passion. Each member of the staff cares about displaying the literary and artistic talents of students at St. Patrick. Members of the staff work in different departments, such as photography editing, literature editing, art editing, proofreading, and marketing, to help develop the magazine. A lot of work goes into each edition of Aisling to make it a magazine that people of all ages and backgrounds would love to read.

Aisling Editor-in-Chief Mallory Edwards said, “I am always so amazed at how artistic the students of St Patrick are! It is so great to read the poems and short stories and to go through all the artwork submitted by the students. I am looking forward to a year of great student literature and amazing student artwork and photography!”

Story by Hayden Miller