Algebra III students perform skit on parent graphs

On Monday, December 10, students in Mrs. Tavel’s Algebra 3 classes performed a dance and skit for students to review the parent graphs. She has been assigning this project for five years, and every year students surprise her with their creativity. The assignment is for students to create an eight-minute dance that includes 15 parent graphs, and the students then perform  in groups.

There are two periods of Algebra 3, first period and seventh period. First period had five groups that performed the dance, which was entertaining for everyone involved. The seventh period class only has five people, so all were in  one group and performed a 20 minute musical. This was a fun and different kind of project for all that were involved, and all the students are ready to see what is in store for them next.

Beyla Bleichner, a student in Algebra 3, said, “It was a lot of fun to get together with my fellow classmates and work on this project. It was really great to see everyone’s creativity be expressed through dancing. I can’t wait to see next year’s class!”  

Photos from the skit can be found below.

Story and photos by Emma Bruffey