Aloha Irish – the final pep rally of 2018

On Friday October 19, St. Patrick held its last pep rally of the year. The theme of the pep rally was “Aloha Irish.” Students wore Hawaiian-themed clothing and showed their school spirit by wearing a St. Patrick t-shirt. Throughout the day, students were excited for the pep rally and football game.

The pep rally started out like always with a prayer and the National Anthem. Selected students from each grade then participated in a game of limbo. The seventh graders won the limbo contest. The Dance Team, Junior High Cheer Team, and Varsity Cheer Team performed their routines for the school to enjoy. The pep rally ended with the spirit contest with the seniors winning.

The pep rallies held at St. Patrick help boost school spirit and get everyone excited for the football game. It also gives the football team some motivation to play their game. Many fans attended the game at St. Patrick on Friday night. Everyone had Irish Pride and excitement for the game. Everyone is excited for the football season next year!

The St. Patrick Fighting Irish football team played their last home game of the season on Friday.The events on Friday were bittersweet for the senior class. They attended their last pep rally and home football game as St. Patrick students. Seniors from fall sports teams and the band also celebrated their Senior Night.

Pictures from the Pep Rally can be viewed here.

Story by Sarah Alexander