Alumni Clark, Trosclair named to Mississippi State University freshman leadership positions

Stephen Clark and Skylar Trosclair, freshmen at Mississippi State University and graduates of the St. Patrick class of 2016, have both been recently named to leadership positions in which they represent their freshman class at MSU.

At Mississippi State University, the Student Association functions as the student government on campus. It is made up of several different sections, with each section being equally comprised of representatives from each class at the University. The Association includes an Executive Council, Senate, Cabinet, Class Councils, and Judicial Councils. Also within the Association, there are groups specifically for freshman, including Freshman Council, Freshman Edge, and Freshman Forum.

Stephen Clark has been named a member of the Freshman Council of MSU’s Student Association. As a member of this council, Clark will be very influential in the planning, organizing, and brainstorming of events put on by the Student Association to further amplify the freshman experience his class receives. Besides providing the freshman class with a great first year experience, the Freshman Council also strives to help the incoming students adapt to college life and transition comfortably into their new environment.

Skylar Trosclair has also been named to one of the freshman branches of the Student Association: the Freshman Forum. The main goal of the Freshman Forum is to orchestrate the Dr. Donald Zacharias Leadership Conference, which is held at the University for high school students from states in the surrounding region. At this conference, high school juniors and seniors are brought together to listen to great speakers, learn about leadership skills and learn how to use their leadership qualities at their schools and in their communities. By putting on this conference, members of the Forum hope to promote the University and to encourage future leaders to pursue their endeavors.

Story by Jeanne Torp