Alumni Mass and Gathering

This past Saturday, October 21st, the Saint Patrick Alumni Association held their annual mass and gathering. The event is a time for the members of the association to get together and celebrate the past year’s successes and to look forward to the future. The Alumni Association is a group of graduates from Saint Patrick, Saint John, Mercy Cross, Sacred Heart, and Notre Dame. The main goal of the association is to help advance Saint Patrick and support the tradition of Catholic education on the coast.

The evening began with the annual mass where Mr. Buckley welcomed all the alumni and thanked them for attending. He then introduced Marshall Eleuterius who is president of the association. Mr. Eleuterius talked about the numerous successful projects of the association last year. He also stressed the importance of keeping alive Catholic education. He reminded the attendees that Saint Patrick is the result of the previous tradition of Catholic education on the coast. Father Colten was excited to celebrate mass with the alumni because he is also a graduate of Saint Patrick. During mass, alumni from all the legacy schools brought up memorabilia from their alma maters. This was a symbol of all the former Catholic schools coming together to form Saint Patrick.

After the mass was over, attendees gathered in the gym where a reception was held. During the reception, people were able to reconnect with their old high school friends while also meeting new ones. Dinner and college football made for a great and successful night for the alumni association. A bright future for Saint Patrick is guaranteed due to the support of the Alumni Association and the legacy schools that came before it.  

Story by Jamie Stanovich