American democracy students participate in class debate

In the second installment of the ongoing “Student Team Debate Project” in Mr. Hewes’ American Democracy Course, students made their cases for and against the topic of the abolition of affirmative action in the United States. Passionate, well researched and well delivered arguments were made for both sides. Students seem to enjoy and benefit from the discourse.

“We all look forward to the Friday debates,” said sophomore, Jeanne Torp. “Having our classmates research and present their cases is an interesting way to learn about both sides of the various topics. I get a lot out of it.”

After all the votes were tallied on the affirmative action debate, the results came back in favor of the team arguing that affirmative action should not be abolished.

Junior, Emma Rae Castanedo, who gave a one-point edge to the winning team commented, “The winning team just seemed to have a better evidence to support their arguments. I think this allowed them to come across as a little more confident and made their presentation stronger.”