An ounce of prevention

With faraway looks of trepidation filling the room, nearly 100 members of the St. Patrick family rolled up their sleeves to receive their annual flu vaccination shots on Wednesday.

Along with our own Nurse Stacey Waldrop, several members of the SAAD Heath Care Services in D’Iberville were on campus to provide this service to our students, faculty and families.

“We were very pleased with the turn out,” said Nurse Stacey. “What an amazing advantage we offer our students by bringing this opportunity on campus. We’d really like to thank SAAD Health Care for partnering with us to make this happen.”

Biology and Anatomy teacher, Mrs. Mary Lawson, received her shot saying, “I will take five seconds of getting a shot in the arm over potentially two weeks of having the flu any day.”

In the photo above, RN Cierra Arnold of SAAD Health Care (L) and Nurse Stacey prepare to administer flu vaccinations to SPCH students.