Anatomy Cell/Tissues Lab

Mrs. Lawson’s Anatomy students recently did two very interesting labs. The first one was the Cell lab. In this lab, the students decorated cookies with icing to look like cells. On their cookies, the students had to draw the plasma and nuclear membrane, the nucleolus, chromatin threads, and ribosomes. They also had to draw various organelles which included the smooth ER, rough ER, Golgi apparatus, and the mitochondria. Once the students were done decorating their cookies they were able to eat them.

The other lab the students did was the Tissues lab. In this lab, the students viewed the 6 types of epithelial tissues through a microscope. As they were looking at them, they had to draw a sketch of what they saw. They then had to state the location and function of each type of tissue. Abigail O’Connell said this about their recent labs, “I really enjoyed the recent activities we’ve been doing with the labs. Decorating the cookie as a cell really helped me remember the different cell parts, and it was delicious!”

Story by Sydney Biggs