Anatomy students complete a cell and tissues lab

Mrs. Lawson has her Human Anatomy students performing different labs to recall what they have learned. Mrs. Lawson creates many labs throughout the year that are based off of the chapter they are in. This week’s unit is Cells and Tissues, so she incorporated that topic into the labs. These labs are not only useful in learning the material, but are also very fun and entertaining.

The first lab that was completed was the cell lab. The students decorated large cookies with icing to look like the cell. On the cookies, they drew the cell membrane, nucleus, and organelles. The students also filled out a lab sheet in order to describe the function of each. This lab was a fun way to get the students interacted with the chapter.

The Human Anatomy classes also performed an epithelial tissues lab. The students viewed and sketched six types of epithelial tissues from prepared slides under the microscope. They filled out lab sheets with the location, function in the body, and difference in each tissue. This interesting lab gave students a chance to use the microscope, draw, and recall the information about epithelial tissues.

Student, Emily Broussard, stated, “I really did like both of the labs, but I especially enjoyed the cookie lab. It was fun and of course very tasty. Both labs helped me learn and understand cells and tissues better.”

It seems that the students enjoyed these labs, especially the edible one! These labs were full of fun and learning skills.

Story by Julia Bruffey