AP biology student participate in Immune System Speed Dating

Students in AP biology celebrated Valentine’s Day in a unique way!

The class took part in a speed-dating event, where they were responsible for researching an assigned topic. During the event, students acted as if they were that topic. Examples of topics include Natural Killer Cells, T cells, antibodies and B Cells. These are the different types of cells that fight infection or pathogens that are introduced into our body.

The speed dating format included that each person had two minutes to impress their partner, discussing what they represented and testing overall chemistry. After the two minutes, the second partner would try to impress the first, and each would rate their date to make a decision about chemistry.

Within the two-minute time frame, students had to provide an introduction with background and origin information. They also had to discuss how they affect others, including specific actions that may activate or suppress other dates. Then, students had to talk about the age of their topic, if their topics are acquired or natural, and they had to share one thing they were not proud of related to their topic.

Students mentioned that they enjoyed this activity and learned more than they expected to about the immune system!