AP biology students complete “You are What You Eat” macromolecules lab

On Friday, August 24, students in Mrs. Emily Cloud’s Advanced Placement Biology Class conducted a lab using indicator solutions to test for biological macromolecules (complex and simple carbs, fats, and proteins) found in food.

Students were provided a mystery “food mush slurry” that included a fast food chain hamburger, french fries and Sprite. These ingredients were chosen as they possess all macromolecules. First, each person had to draft a purpose and hypothesis before testing the mystery slurry. Then, they used well plates to conduct the tests. 

Each student tested monosaccharides, polysaccharides, proteins and lipids present in the slurry by using the following solutions: From there, students performed analysis by writing a claim that summarized which macromolecules were present in the food slurry in this experiment. Using data collected from this experiment, they provided evidence that supported the claim. Finally, using background knowledge and data from this lab, each student provided reasoning that used the evidence to justify the claim.

My favorite part of the AP Bio lab was mixing the food slurry with different test solutions to determine what organic macromolecules were in the food. This lab and the others we do give me the tools to study biology in college and work in the biology field as well. – SPCHS Junior Jacob Roberts

Photos from the lab can be found below.