AP English Literature students create projects covering Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Last week, students in Mrs. Sutherlin’s AP English Literature Class presented projects related to Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.

Heart of Darkness is a novella that was published in 1902. The story is about a Belgian trading company’s voyage up the Congo River into the Congo Free State by the story’s narrator Charles Marlow. Far upriver, he encounters the mysterious Kurtz, an ivory trader who exercises a persuasive sway over the inhabitants of the region. Both repelled and fascinated by the man, Marlow is brought face to face with the corruption and despair that Conrad saw at the heart of human existence. Central to Conrad’s work is the idea that there is little difference between so-called civilised people and those described as savages.

Students chose from a list of presentation ideas include designing an ironic travel brochure, inviting people to join an expedition that retraces Marlow’s journey; creating a movie trailer with scenes from a film version of the novella; writing memoirs or Mr. Kurtz in which the reader can see how he changes as chief of the inner station, and more.

Check out photos of projects below!