AP students attend USM Women and Gender Studies program

The University of Southern Mississippi invited the female students from AP United States History and AP World History to attend the Women and Gender Studies program session on Friday, November 4. The students traveled to the USM Gulf Coast campus in Long Beach to join other female students from surrounding high schools.

Throughout the day, students were able to attend different lectures focused around majors and career paths. Female speakers and professors from the University of Southern Mississippi led each session in different classrooms. The first session began at 10 a.m. and included English licensure, nursing, sports, and sociology. The following lectures showcased history, math education, Spanish, study abroad and marketing. The final series of lectures included psychology, biology, film studies and history licensure. Each series covered a wide range of subjects offered by the College of Arts and Letters.

Following the lectures, the students were then provided lunch. This was also an opportunity to meet the professors and advisors in order to ask questions.The students were given a tour of the campus. They walked through the School of Nursing and college students did live demonstrations of nursing techniques on mannequins. After asking Marie Seicshnaydre about her experience at the gulf park campus, she replied, “It was interesting to see majors like film studies and sociology. I had never given subjects like those any thought. I’m glad we got invited to go because it made me start thinking about college and what I plan to do with my life in the future.”

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Story by Sofia Cooper