Arts and crafts club exudes creativity through meetings and activities

On Thursday, October 29, an Arts and Crafts Club meeting was held in the art room of St. Patrick Catholic High School.  This club is a group for students who love art, are inspired by the world around them, and want to create.

At every Arts and Crafts Club meeting, there is a new activity to do.  Each time, there will be a new art project or craft that will be shown to the students to work on.  This time it was an introduction to the art of origami, which is the Japanese art of folding paper.  Mrs. Rhonda Cody, the head of the club and the art teacher at St. Patrick, instructed the students on how to fold the paper to make a clown that looked ready for the carnival.

The point of the Arts and Crafts Club is to get students to create and be able to spend time with others while doing this.  Through this club, students who aren’t taking art can still enjoy the therapy of creating something.  Mrs. Cody talks about the wonders of creating and the joy of getting these art lovers together, commenting, “I try to do things in the Art Club that we don’t do in the regular classroom.  Creation does wonders for the soul and the mind.  It’s a form of therapy through concentration. Students who aren’t taking Art can still enjoy some time in the art room.  I would hope that students take away the pride of actually creating something of their very own and enjoy the fellowship of others.”

Mrs. Cody has many plans for the future of the club, which include incorporating pottery into the activities of the group.  Glazes could be used and also learning how to use a kiln would be a great experience for the students.  They could also take their work home and treasure it for many years to come.  Tie-dying shirts, going on multiple field trips to different art museums, and making Christmas ornaments are also some other exciting activities that would be in store for the arts and crafts club participants and members.

Mrs. Cody and the rest of the members of the club would love to have new members so listen to the announcements for meeting times!  Mrs. Cody says, “The reason behind an art club is simple.  It’s for those of us who share a joy for art.”  If you’re one of those people, then come express your love by creating something wonderful in the Arts and Crafts club.

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Story by Skye Ward