Australia continent presentation for the Class of 2024

On Tuesday morning, the Class of 2024 was the audience to a wonderful presentation on Australia by Ms. Carmen Bonds. She is a native to the southwestern indigenous region of Australia. Ms. Bonds shared the history of her ancestors and many of their traditions which have been handed down for centuries. She allowed students a glimpse at the culture of indigenous Australians and how the lifestyles of these native differ from other Australians and from American lifestyles.

Australia is home to many creations that we know and use America. Ms. Bonds shared with the students a boomerang made in Australia. While these boomerangs are used as toys in the United States, in the Land Down Under, boomerangs are used as hunting tools. Another well-known invention from Australia is a didgeridoo, a wind instrument similar to a trumpet. Ms. Bonds brought in a traditional didgeridoo that she received as a wedding gift to show the students. She also shared the fact that Australians eat Kangaroo meat as regularly as Americans eat chicken.

St. Patrick thanks Ms. Carmen Bonds for taking the time to share an amazing presentation with the Class of 2024 on her home country!

Story by Avery King