Bible Study Club holds its first meeting

On Tuesday, August 21, the St. Patrick Bible Study Club held its first meeting! This Club was established just a few years ago and it has been a success ever since. Bible Study was established to help the students at St. Patrick Catholic High School grow more deeply in their faith. It is also a way for the students to relax and set aside all troubles while they bond with their fellow peers.

I love going to Bible Study because it is a time set aside for the very purpose of talking about my faith. The people who go there aren’t doing it for a grade so we aren’t under any pressure and can just talk about anything we want that has to do with God and Christianity. It’s interesting to hear about others’ ideas and ask questions about what part of scripture we are focusing on. When I go, I feel like I’m living out my faith with my friends who also go. – SPCHS Senior Jordan Pete 

There will be a Bible Study gathering every other Tuesday at 7:45 a.m. Bible Study Club does not take roll at its meetings, so feel free to stop by any meeting. This means that you are welcome to any gatherings that you can attend. It is led by Senior Dylan Middleton and guidance counselor Mrs. Wilkinson. The meetings will take place in room 112. Please join us at our next gathering on September 4 to grow in and share your faith with fellow peers!

View photos from the meeting here.

Story by Teal Salloum