Big Buddies breakfast held to welcome new seventh graders

On Tuesday, August 14, Big Buddies Club gathered together to have a back to school breakfast! Big Buddies is a club in which seventh graders are paired up with juniors and seniors to help them get acclimated to high school. Mrs. Lucy Sutherlin, the club sponsor, explained her favorite thing about being a sponsor of Big Buddies.

Watching seniors foster and encourage the seventh graders is my favorite part of Big Buddies. – Big Buddies Club Sponsor Mrs. Lucy Sutherlin.

The role of Big Buddies is to encourage and mentor seventh graders. They are helpful resources and positive role models that seventh grade students can aspire to be. Big Buddies give helpful advice and information, and they are always friendly faces to see in the hallways.

I love Big Buddies because it allows us to meet the new faces that are coming to school. – Big Buddy Payton Dedeaux 

Big Buddies meet every month and the dues for being a member are $5.  The club is a great opportunity to reach out to younger students and give them great advice about navigating high school. Photos from the welcome breakfast can be viewed here

By Sarah Gatlin