Big Buddies group hosts Valentine’s Day party for Little Buddies

On Tuesday, February 15, the Big Buddies group met with with Little Buddies in the St. Patrick cafeteria for a Valentine’s Day themed party. Students gathered to eat red and pink cupcakes and other Valentine’s themed candy.

During the party the younger, seventh grade, little buddies were able to bond with the older big buddies. Big buddies are seniors and juniors who are each paired with a seventh graders. Big buddies serve as a mentor throughout the school year to their seventh grade buddy.

After having a chance to talk, the buddies formed a circle to play some games. In the first game, two people were given a heart-shaped box filled with chocolate. As treasurer, Hannah Janus, read out a story students passed the chocolate. When Janus called out “right” or “write,” students passed the box to the right. When Janus called out “left” students passed the box to the left. Whoever had the chocolates when the story was over got to keep them.

This Valentine’s Day themed party was before school and was the third out of four holiday themed party that the Big Buddies group will host this year. Some of the buddies may even exchange gifts for each of the parties.

Treasurer Hannah Janus commented, “I think the party was a success and everyone seemed to have a good time. The games were also really fun and they were my favorite part of the party.”

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Story by Cecilia Collins