Big buddies host first club meeting this week

The St. Patrick Catholic High School Big Buddies club has made an early start this year by welcoming new seventh graders to St. Patrick. A few weeks ago, seniors and juniors involved in the club were assigned a seventh grade buddy to meet and mentor throughout the year. These big buddies will be a resourceful tool for seventh graders to use when in need of advice, information about the school, or a familiar face in the hallway. The first Big Buddy meeting was before school on Tuesday, September 22, in the St. Patrick cafeteria. Buddies had the chance to meet each other and exchange information about themselves. Breakfast was provided for the buddies to share and continue to get to know each other. After introductions, the students were treated with a way to meet even more buddies. A fun icebreaker helped seventh graders meet not only the other big buddies, but also each other.

Overall it was a fun time for all involved and everyone left eager for the next hangout! Senior Liz Zorich spoke highly of her seventh grade buddy saying, “Diego’s awesome and I can’t wait to hang out with him again! I have the best little buddy for sure!” The Big Buddies will be meeting again soon to plan another get-together with their little buddies.

For more information about this organization at St. Patrick, you may contact Mrs. Sutherlin.

Story by: Caroline Rinker; Photo by: Caroline Rinker