Big Buddies: Welcome to St. Patrick Breakfast

The St. Patrick Catholic High School Big Buddies club started the school year by welcoming all new seventh graders to their first year at St. Patrick.  Several days ago, the seniors and juniors in this club were assigned a seventh grade buddy to guide and mentor throughout the school year.  The big buddies will be a helpful resource and positive influence for the little buddies by providing advice and information, along with a familiar face throughout the school.  A little buddy, Vincent DeStazio said, “It is nice knowing that someone is there if we have questions and the big buddies will provide an answer.  Being a new student at this school is different but it is nice knowing that there is someone that I can reach out to.”

All the buddies got to meet each other during a breakfast reception in the school courtyard on Wednesday, August 17.  The reception provided food, fun, and fellowship while the buddies shared information and got to know one another.  This event was successful and everyone had a good time.  A big buddy, Adesyn Hall said, “It was a fun experience getting to meet new 7th graders.  This was a wonderful opportunity to get to know everyone in the school.”  The club will be meeting again soon along with planning other fun functions through the year.  

Story by Natallie Noel