Biomedical Engineering class tests Seaperch robot

This week, Mrs. Worrel’s Biomedical Engineering class tested out the underwater robot that they built called the Seaperch. The class split up into teams of three for a competition involving underwater rings. The held this competition in a small swimming pool that Ms. Worrel refers to as the “natatorium.” The objective was for each team to efficiently maneuver the robot through obstacle courses as well as to collect as many rings as possible.
Students thoroughly enjoy projects like these because it provides them with a more hands-on experience and in turn allows people who learn better in an environment like this to become more engaged in the class. “You get to learn while having a blast building and testing something that you work on for weeks,” stated senior Adesyn Hall. Many of the kids in Biomedical Engineering especially enjoyed this project because it reflects the profession they plan on pursuing in the future and not just a high school assignment. “It is so important for me to be working on something like this, especially since I want to go into a STEM career,” said senior Anna D’Aquilla. She, along with many other students, recognize that some students are not provided with an opportunity to participate in school activities like this. “We are so blessed at St. Patrick to have people like Mrs. Worrel and Mr. Roy who push us to learn more about things like Seaperch,” said D’Aquilla. We are beyond fortunate to have faculty that understand their students’ desire for excellence and create their lesson plans with this desire in mind.

Written By: Elizabeth Van Horn