Blessing of the School and Adoration

This Thursday, instead of our weekly mass, St. Patrick Catholic High School received the annual blessing of the school. The blessing of the school is a tradition where a priest, while carrying the blessed sacrament in a monstrance, processes around the school.  As he passes from classroom to classroom, prayers are offered for safety and peace over the campus. Prayers are also offered for the faculty, staff, administration, and students. Upon entering a classroom, the students knelt in the presence of the holy eucharist and were blessed by the priest. The priest recited a prayer over the students. The students then were led from their classroom and walked to the cafeteria in silent meditation. The annual blessing is performed in the hope of a safe and productive school year for our school and our students.

Once all the students had entered the cafeteria, they were seated for Holy Adoration of the Eucharist. Adoration is a quiet time for the students to gather around the blessed sacrament. They have an opportunity to talk with God about their concerns and needs. This is one of the most important types of prayers that our faith offers. The students also were able to listen to worship music and prepare themselves for a special time with God. Father Ryan, who conducted the blessing, entered into the cafeteria last with the blessed sacrament. It is a very sacred time and moving experience when the host is being brought to the altar. During adoration, everyone could feel God’s presence. Students could pray to God asking him about their concerns and needs. The blessing of the school and adoration ended with a special surprise. Students were given a 15-minute break outside in the beautiful weather to reflect on the many blessings we have received.

Story by Jamie Stanovich