Bulletin Board Decoration Contest

During the past week, Saint Patrick has come alive with an explosion of new Christmas decorations. The result has made the students, faculty, and staff excited for the upcoming holiday season.  This year the student council created a new project to reinforce what the students are doing in school.  During the year, each grade has been learning about a specific continent to expand their knowledge of other cultures.  The continents being studied include North America, South America, Australia, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Each class was assigned a specific bulletin board in the school to decorate. Class officers and representatives spent the beginning of the week planning and decorating their boards. They were asked to decorate their class boards with Christmas or holiday traditions from the continent they are studying. This information expanded the student’s knowledge of the continents. The boards were judged on Thursday and results will be announced before the Christmas break.

This project has been a great way for students to expand their knowledge of the world and increase holiday spirit throughout the school. Hopefully, this will become a new tradition for our great school.

Story by Jamie Stanovich