Campus Ministry Celebrates Life Month

Photos by Abigail Baker

Story by: Caleb Powell

In honor of Life Month, St. Patrick students participated in a pro life assembly. The assembly was put on by Ashley Gilliam with the Louisiana Right to Life organization. While Gilliam talked about human dignity, she tossed out life savers to participating students who answered her questions, a fitting reminder to advocate for all life. During the presentation, Gilliam spoke on how to advocate for all human life in day-to-day life, including practical examples that students could follow. Her biggest emphasis was respecting human dignity, which she backed up with the thesis that human value is intrinsic,  meaning that it comes from within. 

Gilliam also set up a booth in the cafeteria during the lunches of all grade levels and rewarded inquiring students with prizes. If the students approached her table and asked a question about life, they would spin a wheel and earn a prize. 

In their small groups, the students passed blankets around and tied knots to form fringes on the edge of the blankets as they answered questions related to the talk. The blankets provided a tangible example to the students of simple ways they could advocate for life in their community. Nearly 100 blankets will be donated to women’s resource centers, adoption