Campus Ministry students become Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

In honor of St. Patrick Catholic High School’s dedication to religious education, students have chosen to participate in an important role at the school’s liturgy. Fifteen members of the Campus Ministry Team have been appointed to become Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.

These seniors were appointed by Msgr. Fullam after a training session with Fr. Ryan in the chapel on campus. During their Campus Ministry class, these students were instructed on the technical names of items on the altar used during Holy Communion and how to properly administer Holy Communion. Students were also instructed on how to bless those not receiving Holy Communion with the prayer, “May God bless us in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” After Father Ryan’s instructions, students practiced giving unconsecrated altar bread and wine to their Campus Ministry Team peers by hand and by mouth. Fr. Ryan returned the following week to celebrate a mass for the Campus Ministry team, at which the new Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion distributed the consecrated host and blood of Christ.

The new student Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are now valid for service at St. Patrick Catholic High School Liturgies until they graduate. Lindsay Holmes shared, “It’s an amazing feeling that we get to give the gift of Jesus Christ to other Catholics, and I’m proud to now serve as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion at the school.”

These students include Cecelia Collins, Christopher Diaz, Blair Doyle, Claire Gautier, Corynn Hebert, Jessi Hebert, Lindsay Holmes, Hannah Janus, Andrew Lechner,Shelby Martin, Kathleen McMackin, Chet Rodrigue, Rachel Steinwinder, Skylar Trosclair, and Ramsey Wagner.

We are very proud of our new Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and thank them for their outstanding service to our school!

Story by Caroline Rinker