Campus Ministry team attends annual spiritual retreat

This year’s Campus Ministry Team attended their annual retreat this past weekend. The retreat was filled with bonding, teamwork, spiritual growth, and fun as the members participated in many events. It gave them a chance to grow closer to God and to each other.

The retreat started off with lunch at Patio 44. The team then went to Blessed Francis Seelos Church in Biloxi. The retreat was led by Ms. Previto and Sister Kelly. Throughout the weekend, students listened to many talks about picking up your true cross, sacrificing everything, and standing up for your faith through everyday actions. They also participated in many activities that taught them about teamwork and communication.

Sunday night was when the campus ministry celebrated mass, adoration, and confession.

Sarah Gatlin said, “We as a team became a lot closer to each other and with God throughout the night. It was a time of reflection, growth, and spirituality.”

The next day, students learned the importance of God’s mercy and ended the retreat by reflecting on everything that took place.

“The retreat was a very moving experience with a lot of team bonding that will help us throughout the year. It has connected our team while connecting us with Christ,” said Mallory Edwards.

Ms. Previto said, “The Campus Ministry Retreat is held to primarily to bring the team together; to ‘bond’ them a group before they begin their year of ministry. The Gospel of John 13:35 tells us, ‘This is how all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.  A quote often used in ministry is that ‘we can’t give what we don’t have.’ Therefore, for the team to commit to leading the school community into thriving in their love relationship with God and others, they must be living that love relationship themselves. What stands out most about this group of Campus Ministers is — first of all — their gift of joy. They are a very positive/up-beat group with a beautiful spirituality. They love singing worship songs and can’t seem to get enough of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, which speaks volumes of their relationship with Our Lord.” 

Pictures from the retreat can be view here.

Story by Jamie Stanovich