Campus Ministry Team performs Advent Skit

On Thursday, December 13, the Campus Ministry Team performed its Advent Skit which portrayed the ideology of “Putting Christ back in You this Christmas,”  The team started by showing the things in life that distract us from what the Advent season is really about and the things we put before Jesus such as shopping, decorating, and worrying about school.

Campus Ministry Sponsor Ms. Darlene Previto said, “In today’s Advent Skit, the Campus Ministry Team hoped to capture the true meaning of Christmas and what Advent should actually prepare for. I believe they did an excellent job of portraying that.”

The CMT will also put on a skit next semester for the lenten season. The team will continue throughout the year to host spiritual retreats for each grade. The Campus Ministry Team has been working hard this year to make our school thrive and will continue to until the end of the year.

View photo from the skit below.

Story by Anna Saucier