Celebration of Mercy Day on Monday, September 24

On Monday, September 24, Sister Kelly Williams and her religion classes celebrated Mercy Day, the anniversary of the opening of the first “House of Mercy” in 1827. The house was opened as a school for poor young girls and a residence for homeless women. Catherine McAuley founded the Sisters of Mercy in Dublin, Ireland, with the education and care of women and children established as its mission, and her legacy still lives on as people continue to celebrate her and her values.

Mercy Day is celebrated worldwide with prayer and remembrance, and Sister Kelly chose to bring this to her classroom. Students asked her a variety of questions about her vocation, ranging from why she chose the Sisters of Mercy as her order to what type of music she listened to while studying at the convent.

“We celebrated Mercy Day in all of my classes by having an ‘ask Sr. Kelly Day.’ Students were invited to ask any question they had about religious life, what it means to be a Sister, and about my vocation story. I was so pleased to celebrate this day with my students, and they all had the opportunity to pray Morning Prayer with me, said Sister Kelly Williams.

Photos of the class can be found below.

Story by Anna Tran