Chess Club Meeting

This past Thursday, the 14th of September, Chess Club hosted a meeting.  Ms. Norton is the Chess Club sponsor for this year.

The meeting started off with Mrs. Norton introducing herself and the club.  Then she asked each member to introduce themselves to each other.  She then briefly went over how the club is going to work.  At each meeting one of the members will go over a certain strategy that they have researched and then they will practice with a few games, while trying the new strategies.  She made sure to stress that they are a team and they should help each other get better.

Junior member and acting president, Nick Norton, puts it into great terms about how he and Ms. Norton are feeling about the team for this year.  “We are excited because we have a bunch of new people who joined.  All the new members are young so that’s good because we can continue to build a great team.  We have a great turn out for this year.”

Johnathan Galle, a freshman, tells of what it is like to be on the team this year.  “I am excited to play chess and be a part of this team for the competition.  It is really exciting for so many students to play chess.”

The club has weekly meetings on Thursdays after school from 3:05 until about 4, in Ms. Norton, room 104.

Story by Cara Pisciotta