Christian Leaders of the Future: Due Friday, 11-4-2022.


Mississippi Christian Living is partnering with Belhaven University to recognize 20-30 outstanding high school seniors from the state of Mississippi and to award two $1000 scholarships. A student does NOT have to attend Belhaven University to win this scholarship.

Dear Student,
We’re so excited that you’re interested in applying to our Christian Leaders of the Future scholarship program! This will
be our 15th year partnering with Belhaven University to honor Mississippi high-school seniors with outstanding servant
hearts and Christian character.
When you apply, you will email us the following:
1) A set of seven questions that you will answer
2) Three recommendation letters
3) Basic information about you and your family (this information is NOT disclosed to the judges)
It is essential that you follow the directions (detailed on the next page) precisely in order to be considered. Also, you will
be judged on both the content and the quality of your writing, so please proofread! Winners will be selected by a panel
of Christian community leaders.
The application deadline is Friday, November 4, 2022.
In addition to being featured on the cover of the March 2023 issue of Mississippi Christian Living, finalists will be
honored at a special event on March 7, 2023, at Belhaven, where we will host dynamic speakers and workshops for
finalists, and a reception and awards ceremony for finalists and their families.
Two finalists (one boy and one girl) will each receive a $2,000 scholarship to the college or university of his or her
If you have questions or need more information, please email
Please read the next page carefully for application instructions. We look forward to reading your story!
God bless,
Katie Eubanks
Editor and Publisher

MISSISSIPPI CHRISTIAN LIVING | 601.345.1091 | | P.O. Box 1819 Madison, MS 39130
2023 Christian Leaders of the Future – Application instructions
NOTE: Carefully read all instructions. Only properly submitted applications will be considered.
In order to apply, you will send us ONE email containing ALL of the following:
• Your answers to the seven application questions listed below (as a Word document)
• Three signed recommendation letters (as PDFs)
• Basic information about yourself and your family listed below (as a Word document; this information is
required, but will not be disclosed to the judging committee).
1. Briefly describe a specific situation where you lived out your faith in a way that was challenging.
(250 words or less)
2. Briefly share how you came to know Christ. (250 words or less)
3. What activities are you involved in at church, at school and in the community? (200 words or
4. What is your favorite Bible passage and why? (200 words or less)
5. What Christian leader in your life has impacted you the most, and how? (200 words or less)
6. How do you plan to live out your faith intentionally in a world that is becoming increasingly
antagonistic toward Christianity? (250 words or less)
7. What career do you believe God might be calling you to pursue, and why? (100 words or less)
Please attach three signed letters of recommendation (no more than 300 words each) from teachers,
pastors, mentors, employers and/or community leaders who have firsthand knowledge of your Christian
heart and leadership. The letters must NOT display any logo of the person’s school, church, company
or organization, though these entities may be mentioned in the body of the letter.
• Your name
• Name of high school and graduation year
• Church where you attend or are a member
• Your mailing address, city and ZIP code
• Your email address
• Your phone number
• Father’s name and employer if applicable
• Mother’s name and employer if applicable
• Best phone number and email address to reach each parent if applicable
Deadline for submission is Friday, November 4, 2022. Please send ONE email
containing ALL of the above, and copy the authors of your recommendation letters on the same email.
Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you.
Applications must be received via email no later than 11:59 p.m. Friday, November 4.