Class of 2019 fall athletes and band members are celebrated during final home football game of season

On Friday, October 19, St. Patrick had senior night for all the fall sports seniors and hosted all the partner elementary schools there to perform cheers and dances. This is an annual event for St. Patrick that everyone enjoys to watch and participate in. This gives the elementary students a chance to watch a football game and to be on the sidelines with the cheerleaders and dancers. The Mini Emeralds and Mini Cheerleaders learned many things to perform beforehand for their parents and friends.

Mary Catherine Kalil, a senior cheerleader, said, “Friday night was bittersweet in that it was my last home football game to cheer for the season. I have been cheering on the Fighting Irish for the past six years, and I will forever be grateful of the memories and friendships made along the way.”

Before the game began, the fall sports seniors were presented to the crowd as a way to end the season for all of them. This always signifies the last time they will play that sport at St. Patrick. When the seniors are presented, a biography is given about them that includes their extracurricular activities, their position on honor roll, and where they are planning to attend college. In all, this was a very fun-filled but emotional night for many as the fall sports came to a close.

Photos from the evening can be viewed here.

Story by Emma Bruffey