Class of 2020 attends presentation about Costa Rica

On Tuesday, October 23, there was a presentation for the junior class  about the continent North America. The presenter, Mrs. Maria Quintana, presented a slideshow about the country today.

This presentation covered Costa Rica and its beautiful nature and extravagant culture. Mrs. Quintana brought many items that Costa Ricans would use either in everyday life or what they would use on holidays. She brought a dessert for the students in the presentation. called Tres Leches, which is like a pound cake with whipped cream on the top of the desert with a bottom layer.

“I enjoyed this presentation because Mrs. Quintana reminded me the importance of learning the traditions and customs of other cultures. My favorite part of the presentation was the dessert Tres Leches.” – SPCHS Class of 2020 Member Teal Salloum

Mrs. Quintana explained everything about the country, from schools and shopping malls to soccer stadiums and even the island that Jurassic Park was filmed on. She also explained about their culture and what they celebrate in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica’s Independence Day is September 15, 1821. Mrs. Quintana explained the population and how Costa Rica is ran as a Democratic Republic. An interesting fact about Costa Rica is that the country  doesn’t have an army. The people who live in Costa Rica are called Ticos.

Story by Zachery Seymour