Class of 2020 women selected to attend Women’s Technology Summit at MGCCC

On Friday, March 15, a group of women from the Class of 2020 attended the Information Systems Technology Careers for Women Summit at the Jefferson Davis Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College campus. This event hosted female speakers who have made a place in technology-based careers, a field that is predominately male. Not only did the ladies listen to testimonies including determination and hard work, but they were also able to learn specific skills within technology and how to use it to their advantage no matter what field the students are entering.

Students learned how to code computers, which is an increasingly important skill as computers and other forms of technology are being introduced to more and more fields. Being able to code a computer is a skill that could make a resume’ very competitive. Students also learned about hacking and how to know the warning signs of a possible hacker. Ways to hack into phones, credit cards, computers, and even cars exist, and it is important to be able to protect yourself against these offenses. The students chosen to attend this event were able to experience a once-in-a-lifetime event and were able to converse with females who have overcome the obstacles pertaining to females, particularly in technology-based fields.

Juniors who attended the event include:

  • Beyla Bleichner
  • Emma Bruffey
  • Meredith Collins
  • Olivia davenport
  • Carmen DeStazio
  • Lindsey Diamond
  • Lauren Dossett
  • Ellie Gillam
  • Lauren Johnson
  • Avery King
  • Alaina Olsen
  • Gabriela Patino
  • Camille Seghers
  • Makenzie Stenum
  • Annie Torp
  • Micah Webb
  • Macayla Wells

Photos of the event can be found below.

Story by Avery King