Class of 2027 attends Pathways to Possibilities

Photos and story by Addison Fountain and Katelyn Tootle 

On November 16, 2022 the class of 2027 took part in the 9th annual Pathway 2 Possibilities expo at Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum. At the expo, the students were able to explore and learn about many different career paths. Students are asked the question “What career do I want to go into when I graduate?” Many students truly do not know what they would like to do. The purpose of this event was to expose students to many options. Students got to experience exciting learning opportunities. Ryan Knolls ‘27 said his favorite was the bubble bike, which Mississippi Power provided for students to ride. The bike generated electricity to produce bubbles. The expo does not just provide fun experiences but also gives students the chance to ask different professionals questions about their careers. 

Careers at P2P include agriculture, architecture, arts, business, education, energy, engineering, government, health, hospitality, law, marine science, and many others. This event could change these 8th grader perspectives on the career they could potentially pursue in the future after high school. 

“P2P allows the eighth graders to experience different careers with hands-on involvement while making memories with their classmates,” Technology teacher Vicki Gryder said. “The excitement and enthusiasm in their stories at P2P is great to listen to, and in many ways, P2P gives them an understanding of careers they were aware of and many that they were not mindful of even existed. P2P is a wonderful program.”

Pathways to Possibilities is a huge event held in November of each year. Eighth grade students from across the Gulf Coast come together for the event. It is a great opportunity for these 8th graders to see all the careers out there they could choose from.