Confirmation students are recognized at schoolwide mass

On Thursday, St. Patrick recognized the eleventh grade Confirmations with a presentation during mass and a bag of blessed religious gifts. Because Confirmation is normally one of the only sacraments that St. Patrick students receive during their high school career, it was extremely important for them to be recognized.

During mass each soon to be confirmed student was called up to the altar by both their name and their confirmation saint’s names. Choosing a saint’s name is important to the sacrament of confirmation because it not only encourages the confirmation student to pray for that saint’s intercession but allows them to use this saint as a spiritual role model in their sacramental journey and through the rest of their lives. ‘The Church recognizes the power of the Spirit of holiness within her and sustains the hope of believers by proposing the saints to them as models and intercessors” (CCC 828).

When called to the altar, each student received a bag of gifts blessed by our celebrating priest. The gift bags presented consisted of a Holy Spirit rosary, a religious medal, a Holy Spirit prayer card, a Holy Spirit bracelet to remind them that they are “sealed with the Holy Spirit.” This sealing with the Holy Spirit established the confirmandi as full-fledged members of the Catholic church.

Some of our eleventh grade students have already been Confirmed, and the remainder of the students will be Confirmed in the faith in the upcoming weeks. St. Patrick’s students and staff are praying for the confirmandi and wish them luck as they become adult members of the church.

Story by Morgan Badurak