Congratulations, 7th Grade Class Representatives for 2020-21

Each year, the incoming class of 7th-grade students holds their annual class represntative elections. Unlike 8th through 12th-grade classes who vote each spring, the 7th-grade candidates campaign in the fall. This year is unique in that campaign banners were not allowed in the cafeteria each day as students are eating in their fourth-period classrooms.

Candidates instead prepared a short video for their classmates to learn more about the candidates. The election was held and the 9 students named belowhad the top votes.


Congratulations to our 7th Grade Class Representatives:

Ella Adams
Katherine Adams
Leah Alvarez
Lillieann Bentz
Elsie Hyde
Ava Lesso
Hope McLoughlin
Ava Stoddard
Emma Theobald