Eerie Irish movie night treats, not tricks, students

The Junior High Student Council hosted the second annual Eerie Irish Movie Night on Wednesday, October 28.  All St. Patrick High School students were invited to attend the movie night which this year featured the movie, “Tower of Terror.”  The movie was actually based of a Disney Hollywood Studios rollercoaster.  This year the movie was projected onto a large white screen in the south courtyard.  Some students brought blankets or lawn chairs to sit on while others sat at the picnic tables that are in the courtyard.

There was no required admission fee to the movie night.   Instead, students who attended the event were asked to bring cans to help support a can drive for those in need.  Over fifty students attended Eerie Irish Movie Night, the majority of whom are in the junior high grade levels.  Speaking on Eerie Irish Movie Night, the president of Junior High Student Council said, “I think it was a success, I really enjoyed it.”  Throughout the night, the concession stand across from the gymnasium was open.  Attendees could buy anything from a soda to a candy bar to a slice of pizza.  For the students who did not want to miss the movie, there was an intermission where student could visit the concession stand or stretch their legs.

Although this is the second year the Junior High Student Council has hosted this event, this is the first time the event has been held outdoors.  There were worries at the beginning of the evening of not being able to see the movie screen because of a glare caused by the sun.  However, by the time the sun had completely set, the screen could be seen as clear as day.  The natural amphitheater created by the courtyard also provided attendees with a wonderful sound system.

The Junior High Student Council is pleased with the event’s success and is looking forward to future, similar events.

Story by JR Riojas