Eighth graders participate in leap year project

As the month of March begins, it marks the end of yet another leap day.  St. Patrick junior, Mary Agnes Mestayer, took the initiative to provide an opportunity for eighth graders to participate in a leap year time capsule project.  Mestayer is working in correlation with the Mayor’s Youth Council of Ocean Springs as she chairs this project.

This week students were given a time capsule form that they were asked to fill out to the best of their knowledge.  The special part of this project is that in four years, the next leap year, the students will receive the capsules that they filled out.   The reason why eighth graders were chosen to participate in this project was because they will be seniors during the next leap year.

When asked about the intended purpose of this project Mestayer says, “We hope that when we get them back they will reflect on who they thought they would be and how their high school experience has been.”  When she says this, she is speaking on behalf of her group within the Mayor’s youth council. In the Mayor’s Youth Council, there are groups of five students.  Every two months, each group must create and run a different project chaired by a different member of the group.  Mary Agnes Mestayer is the person who is chairing this particular project for her group.

Story by J.R. Riojas