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How to Apply:

Applicants must create an account and apply electronically through Community Foundation of Acadiana’s Online Portal for scholarships. The 2023 online application and submission instructions will be available on this web page from January 5, 2023 through noon on


The Emmy Noether Awards seek top aspiring female research scientists in any STEM (science, technology, engineering, or math) field to help realize their potential careers through financial and networking assistance.

The Awards
The Emmy Noether Awards will determine one gold medalist, two silver medalists, and up to 10 Emmy Noether Scholars. The gold medalist will be awarded $25,000 each year they are in a graduate level program (up to 3 years). The Emmy Noether Scholars will join a network of young female aspiring research scientists and will be offered information on internship and networking opportunities.

Senior in High School
Lives in Louisiana or Mississippi
Pursues a research based graduate degree and career in a STEM field
28 or higher on ACT
Examples of qualifying career aspirations: any laboratory researcher (PhD or Masters of Science programs), researching engineers (such as aerospace or computer engineer programs).

The following career aspirations will not be considered: Physicians (M.D. or physician assistant programs), nurses (R.N.), pharmacists, and veterinarians.

Emmy Noether Awards
Program Managers: Jonathan Baynham and Tina Bouzon
320 Metairie Hammond Highway | Metairie, LA 70005
P: (504) 834-3433 extension 210 | F: (504) 834-3441