Environmental Science students present projects on animal adaptations

This week, Environmental Science students created projects to complete their study of ecology.

In these projects, students worked individually by selecting a multi-cellular organism of their choice and studying them to aid them in their understanding of animal adaptations. Each student had the ability to choose anything from an animal to a fungus. On their chosen species, the students prepared a journal entry essay that possessed information on the organism’s habitat, adaptations, survival methods, and their impacts on their habitats.

As a result of natural selection, individuals with the best genetic traits survive to adulthood and reproduce. Overtime, this accumulation of genetic traits results in extraordinary adaptions to help the organism better survive and flourish. This concept was the center point of the Environmental Science class’s research for their projects. Students were to explain the animal’s physical, behavioral, and physiological adaptations, as well as the organism’s common name and its scientific name.

Alongside their journal entry essay, the class prepared power point presentations in which they taught their classmates about their organism, specifically its adaptions. Theses power point presentations were roughly three to four minutes long and provided the rest of the class with visual representations of these organisms and their habitats.

Although the project was involved, the class enjoyed learning about their chosen organism and the organisms chosen by their classmates. “I really enjoyed this project. Not only did it challenge me to learn about my own animal, the arctic fox, but I also learned about species that I did not even know existed from other students’ presentations,” explained Senior Ashlynn Williams.

This project will close the class’s current lesson on ecology so that they can begin their study of aquatic ecosystems over the next week.

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Story by Morgan Badurak