Families and students enjoy the traditional Homecoming Picnic

On Friday, September 14, St. Patrick students and families held the annual Homecoming Family Picnic.  Tents surrounded the north and south courtyards filled with decorations and delicious foods. Each grade has parent and family representation by them setting up a spirit-filled tent to celebrate their class.

The picnic is a great way not only to join together the student body, but it is also a great way to get families involved in the school.  “It’s such a good, fun way to gather all of the students with their families. It’s very exciting to see all the students wearing their Irish colors and getting pepped up for the pep-rally and game,” said SPCHS Guidance Counselor Ms. Liz Wilkinson.

“I love seeing all of the students and their families gather together. It’s great to see all of the parents working hard, getting everything ready for the students. It’s a very unique experience for the whole school,” said SPCHS Development and Admissions Director Mrs. Vicki Saucier.

The picnic was a success with everyone enjoying the food, fellowship, and fun. The north and south courtyards were filled with school spirit as everyone was getting excited for the pep rally and the football game. Homecoming Week was a huge success, and the picnic was a great way to end the day.

Photos of the tailgate can be found here.

Story by Anna Saucier